Master Bedroom Truss System in West Knoxville

Three White Pine Trusses

Master Bedroom Truss System in West Knoxville

We recently installed a white pine truss system in West Knoxville. The project was for a new master bedroom in an addition to an existing house. Here’s a review of our work:

Installing a Rafter
Installing a Rafter
Two Trusses.
Two Trusses Installed

The design called for 10×10 inch rafters and cross beams with a 10×16 inch ridge beam. Each beam fits together with mortise and tenons, and pockets cut into the ridge beam for the rafters to slide into.

Three White Pine Trusses
All Three Sections Installed

For this project, the homeowners asked that we design and build our beams to work in conjunction with a fireplace. Here’s how it looked once we installed our work:

Three White Pine Trusses Built Around a FireplaceIt is difficult to see in these pictures, but one unique aspect of this project was the distressing technique we used on every piece of timber. With this technique, we purposefully add rough spots and imperfections to the timbers in order to leave a more “handcrafted” look on the overall project. We can distress at different degrees of severity, from minor distressing to rough sawn where the timbers are not sanded at all from the original timber supplier. With each project, we can provide mock-ups of distressed timbers to help you decide what works best for your project.

Contact us today to see how we can design a timber frame package that suites your project!

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