The Timberframe Great Room

Construction of Douglas Fir Timberframe House

The Timberframe Great Room

With this entry, I’d like to focus on a particular area of our craft: large-scale structural timberframing. Though much of our work is designed to add beauty and style to the existing structure, stylistic timber work is actually a very recent style of timber framing. The vast majority of timber framing in history has come from a desire to merge elegant craftsmanship with practical structural needs. Though BBT has done many pavilions in this style, we have done relatively few houses. Today, we’re taking a look at one we completed in early 2014.

Isometric CAD Drawing of Great Room Timberframe Design
CAD Drawing of Great Room Timber Design

Above is the concept drawing of the build. BBT built the structure of a Great Room and loft from rough sawn Douglas Fir timbers using the mortise and tenon technique.

Construction of Douglas Fir Timberframe House
Even with a structure as large and intricate as this, we assembled the five separate bents (the main structural pieces that are repeated throughout the frame) on the ground in a few days, then lifted the majority of the structure in a day.

Construction of Douglas Fir Timberframe House
Installing the 3rd Bent

In these last pictures, you can see all five bents installed, and much of the loft in place. In one project, you can see our work be grandiose in the scale and advanced in engineering, while at the same time keeping the handcrafted look and feel of personalized work.

Construction of Douglas Fir Timberframe House

Construction of Douglas Fir Timberframe House

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    This is exactly what I want for my new house. Do you make them to sell? I have been sehrcaing all over for something exactly like this. If you do how much would a table like this go for?I was looking for one that is about 3 1/2 feet x 6 feet. I wanted a sofa table to match as well and possibly a coffee table for my living room.

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